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Seven Best Bright Pink Lip Shades

When it comes to glam cosmetics, bright pink is a trending lip color for 2015. If you're used to wearing reds or subtler shades of pink, embracing the hottest hues can be tricky. Luckily for you, we've rounded up the seven best bright pink lip shades to keep your look hot this spring and summer.

Look for these seven top bright pink lipstick colors in Giordano Colors Value sets across the country!

Saturated Berry

If you're new to supersaturated pink lipstick, a rich lip stain in a pinkish berry hue can be the perfect way to dip your toes (or your lips) in pink. A shimmery gloss, this type of color offers saturated pink hue without the intensity of a full-on lipstick. The high-shine balm stain delivers lasting lip color that limits the amount of times you will need to reapply.

Matte Fuchsia

On the other hand, if you think a color's only worth doing if it's super saturated, this type of matte pink hue might be the perfect look for you. A super shocking matte pink that is near fuchsia is just perfect for wearing from brunch to the bistro — and anything in between.

Shocking Hot Pink

A favorite of beauty bloggers and fashionistas, shockingly hot pink hues deliver a powerful punch of bright color that really lasts all day long. With a color this vivid, it's best to look for a matte application, which can prevent the color and shine from being overwhelming. A good hot pink should be true pink, without any yellow undertones that make your teeth look discolored or blue undertones that affect white skin.

Frosty Watermelon

Frosty watermelon combines the perfect saturation of pink with high shine. This high-impact look is definitely not for shy girls and might be a bit bold for the office. However, it's perfect for date night or hanging with the girls!

Classic Coral

A tad orange and a touch pink, coral is a classic lip color that never goes out of style. Adopt it now as part of the bright pink lips trend, and watch how it continues to flatter your lips from spring through summer. Look for a medium shine to matte coral lip color, as high shine can look awkward.

Neon Grapefruit

It takes a certain amount of sass to try a neon pink lip hue. If you've given these other bright pink colors a try and want a way to stand out even more, look for a neon pink shade that's a bit brighter than a grapefruit or a watermelon. Again, high matte or even a lip crayon will offer the perfect impact of color while still keeping things tasteful.

Dusty Rose

If you have an olive or tawny complexion, a dusty rose hue can flatter your skin tone and deliver rich pink color that looks totally amazing.

Best news ever! You can find all of these shades and more in Giordano Colors Value sets! What's your favorite way to highlight bright pink lip shades? Let us know in the comments!

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